Movable Type Questions

MOvable Type importing:  What’s the best way to get my Radio Weblog into MT?  Ideally, I would like to cross post to both for a while.  Can MT send postings to Radio as well?   What about Categories?  MT has them.  Do they work the same way as in Radio, or how are they different.

Updating Navbars

It would be nice to have an automatic category selector for the navbar,  so that when a category is added,  a checkbox is available to “add it to the nav bar”,  which would then update the templates…but that would require a full re-upstream again,  which is one of the reasons why a server application is preferrable to a desktop solution.

Finally,  all is uploaded (until

Finally,  all is uploaded (until next time).  There needs to be,  very badly,  a way to head this off,  like a confirmation page that allows one to check off what files you don’t want uplaoded (aside from making an #upstream.xml file for each subdirectory),  and also a way to set the files for “overnight upload” or on a timer so Continue Reading

I think I found the

I think I found the problem.  I had changed my ftp server name to, but not the path the root folder,  and apparently changing to my new domain name on the ftp server also changed the relative path.  Don’t know why that would be,  but apparently was… the correct path is:  /therootdirectory_theycreated/dlature/dlature/…..  

Upstreaming Out the Wazoo

Radio needs an upstreaming manager application.  Checkboxes to designate what files are eligible/ineligible ,  and checkboxes for entire categories and stories.  Most of the time, I just want the home page  and its permalink file to update.  Isn’t there a way also to set the “big uploads” on a timer,  and have it upload more than 25, so I don’t Continue Reading

Radio rendering is alive again. Whatzupwiddat?

This text is not showing up on my home page,  but does show up in the permalinks….UHHH,  there it is.   What the ____is going on?  All day today,  until that last test (this entry),  I was not getting my home page updated.  What was happening?  I wish I knew. Of course,  John Robb got there to look AFTER whatver it Continue Reading

Radio Userland Client Malfunction or Bad Setting?

Help me with my Radio Userland Problem!  My Radio sofware will not upstream anything.  It doesn’t render the pages,  therefore none of my html pages are getting updated.  What could be happening?  Radio CAN make contact with the FTP sever,  and upload files,  but since none of the new entries are being rendered,  then none of the new content is Continue Reading