Hit and Miss

It seems to me that Facebook has a whole bunch of the “overlay” that keeps most social communication “surfacey”.   In other words, there’s a whole lot of “conversation piece” stuff and entertainment games (like Trivia quizzes),  but very little emphasis on the more conversations that get right to it (those things that the good blogs are made of,  which put Continue Reading

I am so far behind

I hate to admit it,  but I have seen almost the entire scene of “Social Networking” pass me by.  I was early on the Web,  early in getting up a Website on theological matters that sought to incorporate dialogue and online community,  early on blogging.  But since the advent of Facebook (MySpace also seems to have been passed up)  ,  Continue Reading

Another Blogless Month

I’ve been trying to change my “politics” heavy tendencies in blogging,  but in doing so,  it seems I am also finding precious little I feel moved to write about.  But I don’t feel that it’s just due to some downswing in political fervor (although there is certainly that).  It’s also been a really busy time at work.  I’ve also been Continue Reading

Facebook API news

I have begun to ease my innate cynicism re: Facebook  (although I use it fairly often,  and keep in touch with some friends,  I have been less than enthusiastic about it’s conversational features.  It seems to be all about little tidbits, and showing off interests, photos,  and music.  I haven’t mentioned it here on my blog in quite a while,  Continue Reading

Facebook is “The Borg”?

Doc Searls, one of the early bloggers and co-author of what many consider to be the Bible of social networking philosophy,  The Cluetrain Manifesto,  hasn’t been a big fan of Facebook.  I’m with him on that.  There isn’t much conversation that isn’t “water cooler” talk,  and comparing favorites lists.  Even in areas one would think would foster conversation, like “What Continue Reading

The non-conversational results of Facebook

I’ve noticed that since hooking up my blog to Facebook ,  there is absolutely ZERO effect in the way of response.  Precisely ZERO of my posts have garnered any sort of response or comment.  What exactly is it that Facebook enables other than the sharing of photos and the comparison of quiz scores on various forms of media?  I don’t Continue Reading

Too much face(book) time

Doc is not impressed with Facebook. Here’s the problem. For me, anyway. I believe the Net is an open place. Same with the Web. I also believe private walled gardens on the Web are fine things. Nothing wrong with them. My problem is when the former starts looking and acting like the latter. And that’s why I’m already tired of Continue Reading

New Plugin

I downloaded a plugin called AddThis that you see below this and every post here.  It drops down a list of other places to send a link to this blog,  like the various Social Bookmark sites,  and also Facebook.  I sent my previous post to Facebook,  since I had just "profile updated" myself as "fixin’ my freakin mailbox!"  I’ll have Continue Reading

Facebook Exploration

I was just trying to import a list of books from my Library Thing account,  but the Facebook import doesn’t seem to work.   I used the csv export from LT,  which generated a text file ,  but putting this text into the “cut and paste” box and clicking “Find Books” didn’t seem to do anything.  It would be nice to Continue Reading

Facebook Signup

Immediately I stop when I see the account setup after signing in.  I don’t want to enter my email passwords into a system external to that email system.  It just seems a little scary.  I know there must be something that makes this OK, since Facebook is widely used,  even by people who are anti-spam and careful about security.  I Continue Reading