Outsourcing Charity

From Dan,   once again (really a great series on Christianity and Capitalism) Christians, following the “preferential option” exercised by God, and the life-trajectory established by Jesus, must learn to share life together with the poor. In order to grasp just how much this differs from the charity that is affirmed by capitalism, we must come to recognize the ways in Continue Reading

valuable morsels from inward/outward

 The last 3 days of posts at Inward Outward have nuggets from Elizabeth O’Connor, Jean Vanier,  and John Perkins.  All of them certainly worth a look When [the church] starts to be the church, it will constantly be adventuring out into places where there are no tried and tested ways. If the church in our day has few prophetic voices Continue Reading

God’s Activity and God’s Time

 Gordon Cosby wisdom shows up on the God’ s Politics blog: Therefore, somehow, we have to learn to get our satisfaction and our joy in faithfulness and in our intimate relationship with Christ. Then the question of effectiveness and success, in the usual sense of those terms is not the issue. We can transcend that and get energized and nourished Continue Reading

Faithful Conversation

My previous post about Moyers and Stewart brought to mind how much I long for readily available conversation in our churches,  and media for our churches that go WAY WAY beyond and OTHER than the “Christian radio” and “Christian TV”.  Where we can explore some faithful attempts to be a people of God,  and talk about world and national events Continue Reading

poserorprophet: Christianity and Capitalism Part VI: The Reformation of Desire

 Dan ,  in his “blog stream” of posts on Christianity and Capitalism,  posted this early this morning,  and I was particularly drawn to this observation : What really got me thinking about all this in more detail was something a friend of mine wrote recently. He and his wife are rooted in an innercity neighborhood and trying to find ways Continue Reading

New Monastics

Actually,  it is but a “renewed” old idea;  old reality;  original reality;  an “Ancient Future” kind of reality.  When I heard a while back a pastor of a large successful church refer to The Church of the Saviour as atypical in the sense that it “really isn’t so much a church as a monastic community”,  I thought, yeah,  and how Continue Reading

Becoming the Authentic Church at Theoblogical at Theoblogical

I just realized that in using Windows Live Writer,  and clicking on my “BlogIt” button while viewing the page titled “Becoming the Authentic Church”,  LiveWriter creates a new post with the title “[Post Title] at Theoblogical”,  thus creating a post with the title of “Becoming the Authentic Church at Theoblogical”,  which communicates something I know to be utterly false and misleading.  I cannot,  no matter how Continue Reading

Becoming the Authentic Church at Theoblogical

 I have placed all of my posts from November and December 2005 where I posted entire sections of the booklet Becoming the Authentic Church, into WordPress “pages”,  which are available in the WordPress system for “non-blog” type posts,  which can be hierarchically arranged,  which makes this format an ideal way of keeping such “reference” type pages up front,  so that Continue Reading

Still Seeking Connection

I remain hopeful about the idea that someday,  via all my “reaching out” to ideas of “authentic church” that have inspired me over the years via The Church of the Saviour,  that some local connection might emerge wherein I and others might venture out and “start from a clean slate” so to speak  (the “blank piece of paper” from the Continue Reading

Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog: Mission First?

 Here is a post I found in doing one of my periodic searches on things re: Church of the Saviour.  There have been several conversations coming out of the “Emergent” oriented blogs that have wrestled some with the structures and “formative  strategies” of the COS communities,  to which I have directed my attention today on earlier posts this morning. New Continue Reading

Mission Groups in Seekers Church

This online guide to Mission Groups from The Seekers Church is a summary that I may want to journey through on this blog as reflection/meditation on what the Church is meant to be (IMHO).  As readers of this blog may well know,  I have been struggling mightily with finding any local expression of the kind of community we are called Continue Reading

The Chemotherapy of Love at inward/outward

The following, from a post by Deborah Campbell , describes beautifully the importance and neccessity of the prescence of a people who are about the work of reconciliation; knowing that we are “recovering cultural addicts”, and that new structures are needed to replace the ones that foster anonymity, isolation, and those that aim to keep us “dependent” on the “answers” Continue Reading

The Absent Society

Many have observed how so many people we encounter today are literally absent from their surroundings,  talking on their cellphone to someone else who is somewhere else.  It’s perfectly understandable.  Why not converse with someone we want to talk to while doing or going somewhere else that we are not wanting to be or do, or have to do as Continue Reading

Living Into Scriptures

Scripture that is lived into by a body of believers comes alive in new stories –Fitch, The Great Giveaway, p. 57 This is why I have been so attached to The Church of the Saviour, and to such experiments as Koinonia Farms begun by Clarence Jordan.  The Church of the Saviour has continued to provide accounts of their journeys,  most Continue Reading