Latest Amazon Shipment

Got 3 new books this past week: Reading the Cavanaugh book, Being Consumed, right now. First chapter talks about what constitutes economic “freedom”, and it is much more than the simple absence of coercion. He even takes Milton Friedman to task for his ignoring the telos of economic freedom, which ends up making such a “free market capitalist fundamentalist” view Continue Reading

O’Reilly Clueless About Blogs

Bill  O’Reilly continues to deride DailyKOS about COMMENTS on that blog.  COMMENTS,  of which there are more than 100 on nearly every post, at least 3 or 4 times a day.  The deception of this guy just sickens me (not so much that he is so sick,  but because he leads so many people astray with his “balance”.  He epitomizes Continue Reading

Georgia Baptist resolution criticizes Baptist blogs

SOME Southern Baptists are quite the backward folks sometimes when it comes to church and theology.  What a misguided, ignorant reaction. Wayne Bray and William Harrell, pastors at Beulah Baptist Church in Douglasville, submitted the anti-blogging resolution, which said blogs are used by “certain people … for divisive and destructive rhetoric at the expense of peace among the brethren.” A Continue Reading

UMR Blog: bloggers vs journalism

UMR , Jay, and others on “reporting” and bloggers.  Robin Russell at UMR has written a piece about blogging and journalism. After all, it’s pretty simple to Google various news sites and then give your opinion. But that doesn’t make you a “newspaperman,” as Feagler writes: “Bloggers. Have they ridden with a candidate in the middle of the night? Have Continue Reading