Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-08

  • Complicated #OWS qtns: "Protesters can no more forbid certain visitors than police can ban protesters". #
  • George Lakoff on #OWS "Frame yourselves before others frame you". #
  • Lakoff: "Democratic gov' is about The Public & the liberty that it provides for a thriving Private Sphere". #
  • Lakoff: "#OWS movement is moral in nature; that occupiers want the country to change its moral focus". #
  • Prev. Lakoff tweet not quite what I would say. It's rather THIS particular sweep of radical conservatism that is most damaging. #OWS #
  • Lakoff: #OWS protests the disastrous effects coming from operating w/a conservative economic, & politcal worldview". #
  • Lakoff:"Corp'tns exist 2 make it better4most ppl. Their reason 4existing is as public as it is private". #
  • G.Lakoff: "The role of gov't is 2 protect & empower all citizens equally via The Public". #
  • Scoffers at #OccupyWallStreet #OWS & any other major city ie. #Occupynashville , go & talk with them . Know SOMETHING of which u speak/troll #
  • #OWS "scruffy"? "U should've seen me(& more of media's bosses than U can imagine) in '68" @JeffJarvis. #
  • "What's happening (ala #OWS is an attempt to define a new public, now that we can." @JeffJarvis. #
  • "#OWS is about institu'nal failure. & so it is appropo that it is not run as an institut'n" @JeffJarvis. #
  • — a river of news about #occupywallstreet #
  • police ordered prot'ters 2 leave s'walk,"UR block'g ped'trn traffic"
    Reply: "We ARE pedest'rn traffic." #
  • Jonathan Demme and Jem Cohen Occupy Wall Street with New Doc Shorts > Anthony Kaufman's ReelPolitik. #
  • @DaAngryEngineer I guess a good aggregator could also make for a good marketing approach..appropo for this mv'mt #ows #OccupyNashville #
  • @DaAngryEngineer rather than a marketing firm, a good aggregator of "people generated content" (aka "Open Source") #ows #OccupyNashville #
  • 10-11-11 Jeff Sharlet: Occupy Wall Street Shows an "Incredible Display of Political Imagination" @democracynow #
  • RT @JeffSharlet: Occupy IS diff'nt than most stories. If it had a platform, Ucould stand aside. It doesn't. It's ab't the soup we're all in. #
  • again: Stiglitz on "Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%" and GOP Budget. See part 1 AND 2. #
  • RT @JeffSharlet: Better than biased: transparent. And the Occupy movement doesn't really give a journalist any other choice. #
  • Naomi Klein @OccupyWallStreet @OWS 10-06-2011 – YouTube. #
  • Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winning economist, talks to Occupy Wall Street Protest. #
  • re: prev tweet. And our m'stream media has utterly failed us as well. Educate yourself Mainstream media, b4 you claim to B informing US #
  • "'What do these people want?' If U have 2 ask, ladies & gents, then you're not paying attention" #ows #
  • "saw a sign that read: 'I am large, I contain multitudes.' That was when I just lost it and stood there and wept." #ows #
  • "here's why I burst into tears at the Occupy Wall Street camp" by Francine Prose. #
  • abhor this condescension toward the diveristy of the 99% (which includes the homeless, the hippy, the unemployed & articulate & notsomuch) #
  • so ticked at #OWS haters and trolls who are so upTheirNoses at the 99%. Yes, there are people unlike you in the 99%. #
  • @DaAngryEngineer and I agree about the people. It just may not be "acceptable articulation of goals" this is gist of "open source" #ows #
  • That is, those who think they have read the Bible. You missed something rather germane to the Biblical message. #
  • To those who accept the discrediting distortions and lies of the right wing re: #ows you need to go have a talk with God & read the Bible #
  • #OccupyNashville Primary aims: End Corp' Personhood,Remove $ from Politics, Solidarity W/ #OWS #
  • We want 2b talking ab't Wall St & campaign finance reform. NOT about 1st Amendment rights. #
  • @mashable wrong link for #OccupyWallStreet ads artcile #
  • went down and spent 4 hours at #occupynashville last night. Video to come in coming days. #
  • Declaration of the Occupation of New York City #OccupyNashville #OWS. #
  • @DaAngryEngineer I guess the same could be said for Congress. What's their message? #OWS #OccupyNashville #
  • @RogerWolsey Very deserving, and we in the church need to say and see more of this. Thank YOU! #

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