Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-25

  • Christian solidarity with #OccupyLondon #
  • Great post from @RogerWolsey :10 Things Christians Should Know & Do about the "Occupy" Protests. #
  • CBC apologizes (sort of) for O'Leary's remarks #
  • CBC's Kevin O'Leary shows his stuff is no match for the knowledge and sense of Chris Hedges. #
  • CBC Kevin O'Leary to CHedges: I didn't call U a nutcase, I called U a nutbar"// Oh, well , that's different. #
  • "We now have the most uneq'l dist'btn of wealth & income of any major, adv'd c'try on earth." BSanders via @RogerWolsey #
  • Getting tired of the regular season being Chris Johnson's training camp and pre-season. #
  • Facebook comments are excruciatingly slow to load on #
  • I hope I'm wrong, but its looking like another big zero day for CJohnson #
  • Lindsey Graham: Obama 'Failed' In Iraq. // Yeah, Obama put us there via lies and deception. What idiocy. #
  • The Foxification of CNN?// Scarier is the prospect of move toward tabloid that HLN has become. #
  • Foxification of CNN? // Seems more like adding bodies for "balance" so they can "Leave it There". #
  • On #GillmorGang @stevegillmor said John @Borthwick alerted to Gadaffi death when he noticed 50k going to @aljazeera #
  • @FF_ACCT OK. I thought you had changed @digitalboy to this one. #
  • Love this Video about : Occupy D.C: The revolution will be livestreamed – The Washington Post. #
  • Just finished @JeffSharlet 's latest book Sweet Heaven When I Die. Jeff certainly has an effective style in capturing the journey of ppl #
  • Dang iPhone "spellcheck" (@ Malco Theatre for The Ides of March w/ 4 others) #
  • Idea of March (@ Malco Theatre w/ 3 others) #
  • @FF_ACCT was this recent or another of those tweets from exactely a year ago? The Video is taken down #
  • Siegenthaler talk and reception to follow is last item of my work week for Library Information Technology Services. #
  • Waiting for John Siegenthaler to arrive who is delayed by minor fender bender trying to get to Vandy library #
  • About to hear John Siegenthaler (@ Central Library) #
  • Staff lunch (@ Mellow Mushroom w/ 2 others) #
  • “@OsborneInk: p0pkult: Did you know celery is nature's toothbrush for your colon?”// ow! Sounds Ike it could be painful #

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