The Red Flag of the Google/Verizon talks for New Media Producers in the church @jeffjarvis @stevegillmor @scobleizer #wiredchurch

I don’t see a whole lot of concern among church Social Media folks about the Google/Verizon deal and the issues that this has brought to the  fore.  There seems to be a real danger that the wireless spectrum is about to be “tiered” and rationed to the extent that we will have a return  to the big media oligarchy where the priority is given to the super-rich of that big media oligarchy. As one who is dreaming of doing a lot of online conversation via Webcasting,  ala the twit network of Leo Laporte,  or the weekly tech conversation of The Gillmor Gang,  I shudder to think that  the wireless networks will start to construct what Jeff Jarvis calls “The Schminternet”  (you simply MUST read his take on this at  This scares the hell out of me.

A couple of other Webcasts from this past week that I watched this week that were taking on this  very issue:

This Week  in Google: Carrier-Humping Net Neutrality Surrender Monkeys (Jeff Jarvis is regular on TWIG)

The Gillmor Gang (live broadcast yesterday,  YouTube to be up hopefully sometime this weekend at (UPDATE:  it’s up at

And as I write this,  I have been listening to an archived copy of this past Sunday’s This Week in Tech,  episode 260,  where they are all over this as well, beginning at about 55:50 of the episode.

I also believe that Jeff Jarvis is going to be at the TWIT studios today,  and perhaps he and Leo and some guests may be talking about this today.  I’ll try to find out details.


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