Hillary, You Already Failed the 3am Phone Call Test

This is the number one reason why I no longer trust you.  This is why I have not supported your candidacy as the Democratic nominee candidacy from day one.   The phone call came.  The moment of decision came and gone,  and then you were not a critic of George Bush until most of the country saw the light. I don’t consider that any kind of leadership.  I consider that “playing it safe”.  And since your husband’s presidency,  I see how that was the strategy of that campaign and presidency. 

Your political behavior has been despicable, calculating, and manipulative.  And now,  I tend to see your campaign to “continue on” could be aptly named after Bob Woodward’s third book “State of Denial”.   And then there’s your Karl Rove playbook.  I will NEVER again hold in you in anything approaching high regard. Probably closer to the opposite.  Your decision to allow George Bush free reign in 2003 is the single most calamitous decision of our national leadership,  and shows how far you will go to “toe the line” rather than finding it necessary to be courageous, and cross that “line” of public opinion and hold out doing the right thing until your polls show you that people have lined up behind what your decision will be.  You failed us.  The question you ask in the 3am phone call ad has the answer that best demonstrates your unfitness for office.

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