SuperDelegates and Democracy

Charlie has the same reaction to this as I do.  These are “establishment” people with some sort of “check” on the movement Obama has amongst the fed up in this country.  Hillary has the gall to start calling Obama the “establishment” (which I thought a bit funny considering who SHE is,  and what the Clinton Administration in the 90’s was,  which was corporate-compromising, talk-liberal kind of politics),  and now this,  which further puts the “establishment” seal of approval on her. 

There are a total of 796 superdelegates out of the entire 4,049 delegates up for grabs. That’s just shy of 20% of the total. Securing a superdelegate means convincing powerful individuals to vote for you. Hillary Clinton is leading in superdelegates by 86!
Apparently this all came to be so the Democratic party could keep “amateurs” out of the running for the party nomination. How is this Democratic?

There needs to be an uprising against this attempt to “squelch” popular opinion (which amounts to,  as Charlie says in his post,  giving “the people” 80% of the vote and keeping 20% for “insurance”. Sounds like they ought to be called “Usurper Delegates”

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