Bush’s Opportunity? Or Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

 an article in Talking Points Memo questions the positive spin put on the Gonzalez resignation by various members of the press:

For all its well-earned reputation for cynicism, the Washington press corps, or some elements of it, has sure taken a rosy-eyed view of the Gonzales resignation.

The Los Angeles Times called it a “blessing” and an “opportunity” for President Bush, and “a chance to salvage his relationship with Capitol Hill and the legacy of his second term.”

That is what I call “rose-colored” at best,  and delusional at worst.  What follows is more in line with my assessment.  And it’s all born out by the first name floated out there to replace Chertoff at Homeland Security,  who is said to be “next in line” to fill Gonzalez’ spot.  Another Bush buddy with ZERO experience for the Homeland Security job.  NONE. 

If, as the evidence overwhelmingly suggests, Gonzales was a mere Bush flunky, a cipher, an amiable man doing the bidding of more powerful and more sinister men, then his departure can hardly be said to herald a new era so long as Bush (and Cheney) occupy the White House.

There is a persistent meme in press coverage that Bush–like Reagan–remains a figure aloof and removed not just from the partisan fray but from the words and deeds of his appointees and underlings. He stands apart, or so goes the thinking, undoubtedly encouraged by spin from the White House and Bushies.

Nearly seven years into his Presidency, don’t we have a pretty good idea of the character and abilities of this man? There is a long track record now of truly unparalleled incompetence, corruption, and politicization. What more do we need to know? Bush’s legacy is firmly entrenched, and barring any seismic historical events between now and January 2009, any changes to that sorry legacy will be at the margins.

Talking Points Memo | All Hail the New Era of Bush


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