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One Reply to “Listening to Our Climate Scientists”

  1. Dale Lature G+

    I’ve been using these kinds of medical analogies for a while, and a lot of the response I get is “that’s a horrible analogy”. When I ask why, they can’t answer. They “just don’t like it” because it pulls the rug out from under their decision to diss Climate Science, while inherently and naturally placing trust in medical science by going to doctors, taking medicine, and such. The main thing in operation there is that it is their very life at stake, as well as that of their families. And yet they cannot (will not) recognize that the Ecological Crisis has been caused because they don’t care about the effects of thier lifestyle upon others (or don’t WANT to know). And so they reject the notion that they accept science that would endanger them to reject, and reject science that they don’t see (or don’t WANT to see) is hurting everyone (especially those “whom we cannot see”; out of sight, out of mind, and “that’s the way I like it. Don’t try to tell me any different.” )

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