To Be Where Conversation Is

Good question from Howard Rheingold 

Howard Rheingold said, to this question, “I love to read” does that make me a “reading addict”.

Howard was challenging the notion that Internet Life can be addictive.

Source: Smart Mobs: The Future of the Internet II Pew Study

When valuable, reflective, helpful conversation is so rare (if you’re like me,  not having found a Christian community where such basic things can be found and had,  and finding it rarer still to be able to sound off or listen to concerns that actually mean something in the world,  or mean something as God’s chosen people seeking to discern TOGETHER what we are being called to do and BE——Ok, sorry ,  got off track—–)   where valuable, reflective, helpful conversation is so rare,  is it “being addicted’ to be drawn to where at least the disembodied ideas of such are creating some conversations?  If such things are NOT happening in the good-ol’ face-to-face brick and mortar churches where all those REAL people are,  is it “reclusive” or “nerdy” or “a sign of internet addiction” to want to stay connected to where REAL CONCERNS and issues are thoughtfully and personally explored?  My advice is :  SEEK earnestly the physically embodied church,  but by no means refuse the resource to find such conversations (which, by the way,  are usually being carried out by ACTUAL PHYSICALLY LOCATED , EMBODIED type beings connecting to each other on their own computers).  Such folks can and do often “meet up”.  Churches need to renew this “meet up” idea.  It is a theological calling;  a necessity.  It is inviting such authentic concerns to have a “place” and a “people” with whom such connectedness can be lived.


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