on “mix-ing” personal political feelings with the mission of the church?

I left this comment on Facebook in reply to one I saw here:
Commenter: “why do people mix their personal political feelings with the mission of the church?”
Me: Because “my personal feelings” tend to gravitate toward “The Kingdom of God” that is good news for all, ESPECIALLY the oppressed. The Trump administration is playing the role of Anti-Christ, and it is my “personal feeling” that this is to be resisted, for the sake of the Gospel and what it calls us to do (like heed what Jesus chose as his inaugural passage in Nazareth). So , all this get “mixed” in with , you know, how I see the purpose of life, and what a “City Set on a Hill” is supposed to look like. What it is supposed to look like economically, socially, and yes, POLITICALLY.

posted on Facebook around 10:20 am Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018


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