Any thoughts on what to do for the next 70 days?

I am compelled to voice my concern that the Climate movement NOT wait to seriously mobilize until that March on April 29. We need to act after the shameful, irresponsible “hurry vote” of the sellouts of the GOP (excepting ONE, Susan Collins, apparently the only non-denier amongst those gutless turds called the GOP). I admit that I am not one Continue Reading

Occupy the Pruitt EPA

Occupy the Pruitt-led EPA.  The head of National Security violates basic National Security protocol. He’s now gone. The appointed head of the Dept of Education is an opponent of public education. Now the EPA head is an opponent of Environmental Protection and an insane, science denying idiot with no scruples about enriching himself at the peril of what he is Continue Reading

The nationality of a Kingdom apart

Seeing a confederate flag in a picture, and reading of how “it’s not racist, but a symbol of ‘States Rights’”, I wonder what the symbol for “ecological destruction” rebranded as “Free market rights” would be. Capitalism? What’s the “flag”? Some might argue the stars and stripes itself. Then we’d be into the heart of the matter, I suppose. Where do Continue Reading

What vehicle do we need to make it through?

Ever since I read Ta Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me”, I am still struck by the closing section, and this , within that, stands out : “The people who could author the mechanized death of our ghettos, the mass rape of our private prisons, then engineer their own forgetting, must inevitably plunder much more. This is not a Continue Reading

Fossil Fuel Green Light

And in this case,  “Green” is NOT good, if you know what I mean. I agree very much with Jeremy. This whole post of his (also copied and pasted below)  is a sweeping condemnation of not only Trump’s conflicts of interest and illegal profit-driven scheme of his to cash in on the Presidency at the expense of the American people, but Continue Reading

Right Wing Climate Denial Chokes on Clouded Cognitive Processors (Science, Economics and some simple Math Needed)

One of my far-right Facebook friends shared this article with his comments, which will be unnamed, so embarrassed I am for them and this kind of thinking: “Anybody got room for about 20 million of these? Talk about a blight on the landscape. And not sure how much one of these costs but if it will power one house Continue Reading

The “anti-establishment” play of Steve Bannon

“Although his audience may not have gotten the reference, he was saying that he and the Tea Party are revolutionaries who want to bring down the system. ” (from an article on Steve Bannon by Peter Sinclair of the site “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” I chuckle a bemused chuckle when I hear such things comng from the likes of Continue Reading