caught up together in this culture of self-centered greed via @micahBales #OWS #occupychurch

Wow.  A truly great statement of faith by one who seeks to #OccupyChurch #occupyTheology #occupyFaith I believe in the struggle for economic justice and grassroots democracy represented by the Occupy movement. I believe that the corruption of the wealthiest elites must be exposed and challenged. I believe that the poor and middle classes – the 99% – must join together Continue Reading

Principalities & Powers in #OWS #OccupyChurch via @Micahbales

On not demonizing the one percent: Our fight is not with human beings, but with the dark forces that keep us all enmeshed in a system that develops our most twisted and selfish inclinations Instead,  as Micah discusses,  recognize that “the spirit of the One Percent is alive within all of us”

Fault Lines ( by @AJEnglish ) : History of an occupation #OWS

More impressive work from Al Jazeera English. Absolutely kicks the collective butts of American media. This is not surprising. American media is largely heavily filtered by corporate interests. I particularly love what the guy says at 8:30 in the video. “It’s up to you guys (the political leaders) to show that you’re the legitimate representatives, becuase at the moment, nobody Continue Reading

Occupy movement prepares for May 1; Episcopalians continue support

With the dismantling of encampments at New York’s Zuccotti Park and elsewhere and the onset of winter, the Occupy movement dropped out of front-page headlines. But the movement against greed and economic inequality has continued unabated, supported by members of the faith community.

Obama and the “charge” of “endorsing Occupy”; death to each by association

Here’s another inane stab,  from the same article I RT’d earlier,   at trying to “tar” Obama with “endorsing” Occupy. The Obama administration has endorsed the Occupy movement, and the president has even been quoted this week in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, calling the OWS movement O “just one vivid expression of a broader anxiety.” Not exactly Continue Reading