Do Not Grow Weary or Lose Heart by Vincent Harding in @Sojourners #OWS

Vincent Harding,  in an article in Sojourners,  on the way forward after the experience of many who have felt let  down from the expectations and hopeful luminance of the election of Obama: The question is, what do we do now? We know what we shouldn’t do now, in terms of dependence on the Democratic Party, as it is, on the Continue Reading

Occupy the Future @jtrane in @sojourners #occupyChurch #MLK #OWS

Jim Rice writes in Sojourners magazine about Occupy.  Sojourners is one of those communities that have become a mashup of activist, publishers, movementOrganizers….and has been an example of the kind of theological discernment regarding our country and its churches that have been seeing the kinds of things Occupy has been good at bringing into movement form in the public square. Continue Reading

Unmasking the Press and the Powers #OWS #occupychurch

Still finding tasty theological results from my Googling of “Walter Wink powers occupy”.  Here’s one  on the sequence implied in  Walter Wink’s “Powers” series of books: As the theologian Walter Wink shows, challenging a dominant system requires a three-part process: naming the powers, unmasking the powers, engaging the powers(11). Their white noise of distraction and obfuscation is the means by Continue Reading