Ethics coverage of State of the Union sppech

Executive editor Robert Parham: “While he reinforced the widespread view that Saddam Hussein is a brutal tyrant, Bush failed to make the case of a just war against Iraq,” Parham said. “He fanned the flames for war without showing the American public the ‘smoking gun,’ which would help to speak to the principle of just cause.” Parham also said Bush’s Continue Reading

Promoting Community Virtues Online

Quentin Schultze is not exactly wrong in much of what he writes in Habits of the High Tech Heart. There is certainly a danger to human community in unquestioned adoption of high-tech values.  From where I stand,  I consider my call to be in the area of working toward “redemptive technology”.  To use a suggestion Schultze offers on p. 72 (in Continue Reading

Some Southern Baptists Aren’t Spoken For By Chosen Reps

Robert Parham points out in this article that there ARE Southern Baptists that ARE AGAINST war with Iraq. Jim Wallis’ recent article mentioned that “with the exception of Southern Baptists”, “virtually every church body in the that has spoken on the war question has concluded this would not be a ‘just war’  “.  Parham’s note is important to those of Continue Reading

When Blogger’s Words Fail Them

The Weblog phenomenon is like the Church in the following ways:  To “describe it” to someone not doing it is like trying to describe the Church to someone who isn’t involved.  It’s possible to articulate “something” ,  but it always comes down to “step inside” and “try us”.  It was like that with me.  I read of it,  read a Continue Reading

Georgia editor pushed into early retirement

Story from Associated Baptist Press (via cbfonline newstand) about dismissal of longtime CHRISTIAN INDEX editor (Georgia) Click link above to read entire story. Neal, who is a 28-year employee of the state convention, had been under increasing pressure from conservative leadership for several years. The Index, they contended, was not doing enough to advance the cause of the Southern Baptist Convention and Continue Reading

Cluetrain Theses Number 3

Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice. The best witness for our faith and for theological communities is the stories of its people.  The reasons why they have chosen this particular community of faith are the strongest case for “outsiders” to explore life in a community of faith.  This holds true as well for Continue Reading

Responses to themes in Habits of the High-Tech Heart

Collection of articles responding to Habits of the High-Tech Heart (to you Radio users,  these are stories)“Review of the Forward (Habits of the High-Tech Heart)” | “Schultze Preface” | “Intro: Identifying the Techno-Moral Crisis” |  “Discerning Our Informationism” |  “Moderating Our Informational Desires” | “Instantaneous vs Infoglut” |”My problem with anti-Net culture rhetoric” | Legitimate Theological and Sociological Exploration of Continue Reading

Redemption of High-Tech Heart Habits

Habits of The High-Tech Heart is a good read.  A lot of it bothered me. But it asked some worthy questions.  It left us to ponder what, if anything,  we should do as theological communities,  to bring alternatives to online life.  I think we need to be a “prescence” there.  We need to set examples of civility and hospitality,  and Continue Reading

Conclusion of Book Leaves Me Unsettled

Therefore,  we need again to reconcile our embellishments of technology with the reality of what it means to be human.  In spite of all  of the changes in human culture and society over the millennia,  human nature remains essentially the same. In this from the conclusion of the final chapter of the book, Sojourning With Heart,  Schultze here affirms something Continue Reading

We’re not out to create something out of nothing

We cannot create such moral bonds out of nothing; invariably, we must grow them in the soil of existing traditions and their extant friendships, such as parishes, congregations, and fellowships (p. 204). The final Chapter of Habits of the High-Tech Heart  (Sojourning With Heart) holds out very little apparent hope for really doing anything to “redeem” online community,  or even Continue Reading