“The message” is more than the inclusion of words like “God” and “Jesus” and “Family” and “Fellowship”

Watching “The Family” on Netflix. Just heard a person being interviewed say “No matter what reason a person is at the Prayer Breakfast, they’re going to hear a message about God’s love”. And this is the case , how? “Obviously”, whenever one disseminates a message (implication :

“Any message”, as long as it includes certain words like God and Love and Jesus and, incidentally , “Strength”, “Power” “Enterprise” and , “THUSLY”, anti-union —as it was in the roots of the start of this movement that has culminated in “The Family” of “C-Street” fame; “Unions” were evil — and the righteous leaders who will “lead America” and vanquish that “enemy”? Leaders of industry, who wielded the “God and Family and America” banner, who greatly profited from the unions having their strength vanquished)……..

BUT, forget all that. This is about “brotherhood” and “family” and “God” and “Jesus”, because the message and purpose of “The Family” and the whole “C-Street” scenario and purpose is “God ordained” because it wraps itself in that “message”. Kind of like their using the tax-exempt status to “launder” unlimited giving for “Church” purposes. It all STINKS so badly.

And of course, they do the same things as they did (and still do) to Unions, with attempted responses to the Ecological Crisis. “Industry leaders” are the ones we can “trust” to tell us who the “enemy” is: Those who are “agitating” in the direction of threatening the continued use and expansion of fossil fuel use, because that is one of those things that has led to “Mak[e-ing] America Great”, and that to look to “alternatives”, that would undermine that strength.

Why, that’s “EVIL”. It is precisely why it has become such a rallying cry for the Religious Right, who has been stoked in ALL of these directions to the extent that to be “Anti-Union” is “the Christian view”, and to be in denial about the science that reveals the ecological crisis, this is “required” dogma. If you are “concerned” about the Ecological Crisis, you are in league with he evil liberal agenda. Anything that questions their modus operandi is “evil liberalism” (often the term “Progressive” is used as a stand in, since it has become more and more fashionable to call oneself “Progressive” than “liberal”.


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