The “I believe we should be good stewards of the earth” as ‘Cover’

I have been told I don’t know how many times, by people who seem irritated at my “obsession” with the Ecological Crisis, that they “certainly” believe that “we should be good stewards of the earth”, and that I never “seem satisfied” with that answer.

But here is exactly why I continue to press about the urgency of this, and now it is stronger yet, with the release of the 4th-US-National-Climate-Assessment , and the new level of urgency expressed there:

I am indeed NOT “satisfied” when the same people who say “I believe we should be good stewards of the earth”, when I see those very same people failing (or outright refusing) to see the level of urgency with what we face. When *some* of those same people actually “Like” and encourage circulation of pseudo-science from denier organizations and paid “expert witnesses” recruited by the fossil fuel interests, or post “laugh” icons on posts expressing concerns about the seriousness of the “late-ness of the hour” in garnering the collective will to finally get serious. There is NO TIME to be “satisfied” with this kicking the can down the road.

It’s as if “be good stewards of the earth” is “cover” for what amounts to neglect. It’s a non-specific, non-binding, and therefore non-demanding declaration. They can then move on to argue against the Climate Science that tells us that humans have made a mess, with an ecological footprint SO LARGE from our technologies that we have had an unprecedented and highly dangerous impact on the ecological processes that have sustained human life and flourishing. Somehow, “the call to “stewardship” is not something that raises questions as to this human impact.


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