On the “It’s cold outside, so global warming must not be real” memes

For the umteenth time, I have seen a post of a denier joke meme of the same ignorant variety on the meme: “It’s cold outside, so global warming must not be real.” One of the best retorts to that I’ve heard is from Stephen Colbert: “I just ate, so world hunger must be a myth”. When I comment on such things (and I rarely do, except in this one particular group to which I posted this) where I am obviously interested in people becoming educated in the topic and the issues surrounding it), I am often told “Have some humor! It’s funny! It’s a joke!”

The idea that global warming is questionable because “it’s cold” and even “record cold temps” are recorded, is Me: ignorance, of course. This is exactly why the term “Climate Change” has supplanted “Global Warming”. Because “warming” is not all that happens as a result of the excess CO2 concentration, depletion of carbon sinks, and all the other cascading effects of techno-industrial abuse and excess. The consequences are not only accelerated warming (which is still occurring, over the ****whole**** earth) , extreme cold still ***happens****, and is MORE extreme as phenomenon like the polar vortex happen much more frequently. But, alas, that’s just science. Never mind that. Just look out your window and see that there’s snow where you live, and think that’s “global”.

The meme is devoid of humor because it is an enjoyment tool of the ignorant. Just as no one would laugh at something poking fun at the idea that the earth is in orbit around the sun. It’s not funny to use the memes of the ignorant to the informed. Nothing to do with good humor. Only helps and encourages the ignorant in their continuing along that path.

If one “know(s) this” *
* “This” being the paragraph above (the one that begins with “The idea that global warming is questionable because ….”
(and is my usual response to the “it’s cold out so global warming seems stupid” meme)

If one “know(s) this” , then why is continued reference to cold weather supposed to be some sort of debunk of the science? And why would an attempt to encourage that be in any way funny? It seems to me that the “have some humor” folks really DON’T KNOW how stupid and irresponsible and encouraging-of-the-meme that is. They should have a better respect for the truth than that.


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