Matthew 25 for a World in Ecological Crisis

Lord, when did we see you

(having to grow food to be exported to developed rich nations while my only family can hardly find enough to eat?)
(having to be left to farm on land that has been abused by industrial, unsustainable methods, which renders it nearly impossible to be able to produce?)
(finding it more and more difficult to get my land to produce because our rivers and streams have been filled with toxins)

(because our rivers and streams have been filled with toxins, we no longer drink it)
(because our climate has so radically changed from what it once was , and drought has made our water supply so scarce and unattainable that we have to move, because we cannot gropw our food, nor quench our thirst)

a stranger
(we have to move elsewhere because we have no food, water, or livable habitat.)
(we need to get away from the conflict and bloodshed caused by miserable living conditions and our government’s selfishness and corruption)

(we can no longer , or finding it increasingly difficult, to provide for our bodies and to cover them)
(especially now, from the increasingly inhospitable elements and heat)

(loss of our livelihoods has made it increasingly difficult to eat healthy —at the bare minimal levels— and to get medical help when we get sick, often from despoiled habitat elements, and increasingly unhealthy air)

in prison
(increased conflict and desperation have created a rise in people desperate to survive, and increased corruption has caused violent uprising, but also even fierce violence in crackdowns against peaceful protest of the conditions exacerbated by our leaders failure to take care of their “dominions” and treat them justly, and oversee their domains to ensure the reign of justice)

Lord, when did we see you?

And it will be said to those : I was any of these who were hungry, thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick, in prison, and you helped to restore food, water, housing, clothing, health, and dignity to all those affected by the damage being done to my system of life that was designed to provide this abundant life, which is being torn apart by your failure to see that this is all ME.


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