Urgency is best shown by acting as if it actually is

So, I wrote the following as a comment under the article about the UM Creation Care Summit in UM News ( see below ) in the days following the July 11-14 event, but then, decided, for now, to just post this to my Facebook timeline:

Another way to help combat Climate Change is to write more about it, given that there has been NOTHING* on this page about it, or the accelerating concerning science emerging about how quickly things are disintegrating (like the Greenland Ice). It would certainly help if our news agencies caught on that this is not just “another issue” which there is “not enough time” to cover as it should be. It’s really the only issue that has a time limit. We don’t want to delay action on anything that adversely affects human lives, but the possibility exists to turn things around and move in the other direction. With the ecological crisis, we have no such grace. We CAN and ARE blowing it. When we fail to communicate it with the urgency it requires, we are blowing it.

* the closest anything has come since this article is a “mention” in two sentences, in an article on Indigenous depression and suicide. There was a mention of “sustainability” and “Turtle Island”, but no elaboration (or clarification) of the significance of either. I could even let that slide, given the importance of the topic of Indigenous suicides, but given the absence of anything else since the Summit coverage, I have to point out how this amount of coverage is “all there has been”, and this is not at all going to cut it. Not by a long shot.


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