Right Wing Climate Denial Chokes on Clouded Cognitive Processors (Science, Economics and some simple Math Needed)

One of my far-right Facebook friends shared this article with his comments, which will be unnamed, so embarrassed I am for them and this kind of thinking:


“Anybody got room for about 20 million of these? Talk about a blight on the landscape. And not sure how much one of these costs but if it will power one house for 20 years, I’m guessing my bill is going to at least be $5000 a month”

Don’t forget to mention the high maintenance costs……Oh….and birds!! All the birds that get killed flying around the blades!!

Oh ya, forgot about the birds! Why aren’t the tree huggers protesting??

Because it’s okay for “them” to do it…

Me: But be sure and not even read the actual facts of the matter , IN THE ARTICLE. One house for 20 years, FROM ONE DAY of energy generated by ONE of these. The cost of construction of wind turbines per Kw generated is less than coal-fired plants, and is fueled by something that costs NOTHING, and emits NOTHING. So, laugh it up. And birds? I don’t suppose you have ANY numbers on that? Didn;t think so. Because it’s an inane deflection to feed into the anti-science,, economics-oblivious fantasy the right wing loves to drone on about.

And re: ” a blight upon the landscape”. Compared to the size, sprawl, and “beauty” of smokestacks billowing carbon into the air? Another right wing filter that superimposes an “evil” filter over anything their right wing sensitivities reject as “liberal”; “tree-huggers”. Total ecological ignorance, driven by a right wing induced denial that they have no grasp on whatsoever.

Update:  A response fully illustrating the extent of the blindness caused by climate denial and “right wing cognitive disease”:

Friend:  Sorry Dale, there you go with fuzzy math again. That’s not what the story says. It says it takes one of these to power one house, not 7200 houses. You just “faked” that one. Coal, natural gas, oil will be superior choices for the next couple of thousand years
Me: No , it says ONE DAY of the energy acquired powers ONE house for TWENTY YEARS. Read closely. One day of the turbine powers one house for TWENTY YEARS. If you take ONE day, it will power 7200 (360 days times 20 years).
twenty years of power to ONE house equals power for 7200 houses in one day, because the next day, it can power 7200 again. Get it?
You’re so eager to dismiss you made that basic mistake of not reading carefully.
 “producing a whopping 216,000 kWh of energy over a span of 24 hours. That’s enough to power an average American household for twenty years.” over 24 hours= 1 day. 20 years = 7300 days (when you take into account that a year is actually 365 days, not counting leap years, which gets us even 4 more days. So, yes, I left out the extra 5 days per year and leap years, to simplify the math. The actual figures results in even more energy supplied.

“Coal, natural gas, oil will be superior choices for the next couple of thousand years” Now that’s just geologically ignorant, and economically naive. The PRESENT Wind plus Solar is already economically superior TODAY. More jobs, more efficiency, more power generated per dollar, and again, not even taking into account the savings in less ecological impact that costs billions annually. You need some science , Mark. (And Math), Nor is it taking into account the rapidly dropping prices of both, and the subsequent improvements as prices drop, competition increases, and fossil fuel drawbacks continue to become more apparent. So the distance between the advantages of renewables vs the increased problems (and Supply, which you are apparently unaware of), and this distance widens even further.

Friend:   Dale, i don’t have time for your faked numbers or delusions. I have a Super Bowl game to enjoy. I have you don’t have nightmares about the world ending tonight in a ecological disaster
Me:  OK, You’re denying what the story says? I just quoted you where it says 24 hours is the period it generates the energy for 1 house for 20 years. Do you just not understand how it works out for ONE DAY? Or are you being intentionally dense and in denial?
Me: I’m watching too , Mark. Nice that you dont have time to back up your apparently oblivious dismissal of the facts. (And nice hyperbole: “Ecological disaster tonight”. Get yourself educated, and understand the science (and math) when it is spelled out for you.

I’ll cut you slack for not reading carefully or listening carefully to what I’m showing you about this example. Forgot that it is the Falcons playing. Go Falcons!

More update (10:32 AM Monday, Feb. 6, 2017 :  

A friend of the friend who has joined the thread:  If it’s ran at full capacity….if it doesn’t break down….if there is enough constant wind….all the if’s they’re not telling you….
Meall factors involved with ANY technology of ANY kind. But Wind is only one renewable. There’s also solar, which is even in more abundance, and cheaper still. It”s already here. It’s already cheaper. And ALWAYS Carbon-free. It’s already producing more jobs for that industry than the number of jobs produced by the fossil fuel industry. Just a fact.
A friend of the friend:  FACT!! You can’t build enough for every home! FACT!! It’s cost prohibitive to do so!! FACT! Solar has been around since the 70’s and hasn’t progressed any more than today in the last 40 years!! FACT!! All alternative energy companies are heavily subsidized by governments (and we’re not talking about normal business taxes or incentives. FACT!! Even if our govt supports the industry like Obama did, we still can'[t compete with the cheap Chinese product that’s about as dependent as Ramen noodles! FACT!! Most if not all alternative companied Obama supported went belly up!! FACT!!! Bottom line, it’s unaffordable. Now since you’re so much smarter than Mark and I put together, put your money where you mouth is and go build one yourself!!
Me to  A friend of the friend:  Sorry, namewithheld. Those are not “Fact”, and you can’t yell in caps to make it any more so. “Hasn’t progressed anymore than today” COMPLETE FALSEHOOD. Knock yourself out dude. That one really reveals how insistent you are upon ignoring the actual economic numbers. I feel sorry for you.


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